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Since The 1970's Marble Design USA has been a family owned company offering quality service and dependable Delivery

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Custom Marble Countertop

Custom Marble Kitchen Counters

Marble Countertops and Granite Counter Top

Custom cut marble Miami. Our production plant is full automated and has skilled Craftsmen that can create any custom cut surface for your countertop. When looking for a custom marble countertop, custom granite countertop or any other stone finish Marble Design USA provide our customers with the ideal service, quality, and personal touch.


Our goal is to provide customers with the most unique natural stones from across the world. We work with contractors, homeowners and everyone in between to help remodel their kitchen or bathroom. We have unlimited options of natural stone slabs made for your specific needs. We custom cut and polish to your specifications.

Adding new countertops is one of the best ways to beautify or upgrade kitchens and bathrooms. But one building material stands out for its timeless standard of beauty. Marble isn’t just known for its impressive appearance. It’s also one of the most durable and easy to maintain surfaces for countertops in Miami. Over the course of history, marble has stood the test of time. From the Roman Empire to the 21st century, it remains among the most sought-after natural stones. It’s no wonder marble is one of the most popular choices for countertops in South Florida.

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